WOMEN'S SIZES | 10.5 - 14               MEN'S SIZES | 13 - 18

About Us

From corporate shoes for the office to casuals for weekends and beautiful evening shoes – we have it. In addition, we stock long and short boots and shoes for those who want extra comfort. Our choice in men's footwear is more limited. We do have some popular styles reasonably priced and are aiming at enlarging the men’s range. Ladies size’s range from 10 - 14 and men's size’s range from 13 –16, with a few styles up to an 18. 


Throughout the years some top quality shoe factories in Australia have closed down. Lasts, patterns, knives and machinery have all been discarded. A total of 28 factories that made footwear in the longer sizes have closed. Now Australian footwear buyers source their requirements from agents representing Asia, China, Italy, America, Europe, and New Zealand. 

As you can imagine, buying from overseas can cause problems and delays. Other countries interpret metric and imperial sizes differently. Therefore we at Long Line Shoes aim to take the inconvenience out of buying longer sizes by having an extensive range of these shoes on hand and resizing the footwear to match the Australian definition as much as possible. We also have access to the few factories in Australia that have survived and still make small quantities of specialty lines.