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Welcome to Long Line Shoes, a tall girl & guys on line shop that specialises in the bigger end of footwear sizes.

While you may be new to Long Line Shoes, let me say that we started in Parramatta near the train station in 1977, and in Sydney in 1978.

While there was an extreme shortage of long sized footwear, there was a healthy shoe manufacturing industry in existence willing to make bigger sizes if guaranteed continual business.

Looking back at the local footwear that we used to stock, I marvel at the fine quality, the many fittings available, and the great choice of leathers, colours, etc, available to us.

While the majority of footwear is made overseas, some big labels design their collection in Melbourne and actually have staff supervise the production in China.

The staff at Long Line Shoes love what we do, and when presented with a collection of 40 styles and over in longer sizes, we would select the best, about 18 - 22 styles that would flatter the longer foot and have some old fashioned qualities like support and comfort.

You'll be made most welcome by our staff: Clare, Tema, and Cath.